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Fig 6 tree doing Ruku.

This picture is being taken from live in Australia’s city Sydney. A tree is in Raku this is a part of our Salat. The amazing is that it is also facing Makkah.Raku is defined as below,


            Fig 6-b a man in Ruku.

This figure shows that man is in Ruku in this posture & also facing to kaba,now you can imagine that if God is true then Mohammad is true,if Mohammad is true then salat is true & if slat is true then Islam is true. This posture & as below postures of stone in sajda also man in sajda showing the same. This is the proof of Islam.Nothing is there to show you more. 



On completion of the Sura saying
Allah-o-Akbar (Allah is great.)
The worshipper lowers down his head in a manner that the palms of his hands rest on the knees. This is called Ruku, at which the following words, expressive of Divine Glory and Majesty, are repeated at least three times:Subhana Rabbiya ’l’Azim. Glory to my Lord the Great.
Note: The eyes of the worshipper are pinned on to his toes. He is not to bend too much down or keep raised up shoulders, but the bending posture must be such that if a glass of water is kept on his back it would not spill.




                               Fig 7 stone in sajda fig-b man in sajda.

Here you will see in the above figure that a stone is in the postion of sajda which is a part of salat in Islam,in next fig7-b you can also see that a man is in the position of sajda.This is also a proof of Salat that is true.As salat is true then Mohammad p b u h is true b\c he preached us Islam according to the rules & regulations of God. Sajda is defined below as, 

The worshipper prostrates himself so that the toes of both feet, both knees, both hands, forehead and the nose though the ground, and the words:
Subhana Rabbiya’l-A’la.
Glory to my Lord, the Most High. Are uttered at least three times. This is called the Sajdah, or prostration.
Note: The thumbs of the worshipper are almost in a straight line with the eyes and the fingers are all closed together and almost below the ears. The elbows must not touch the floor.

This shows that Islam is a true relegion in these postures we can clearly see that the way that was discribed by Mohammad( p b u h ) was purely according to the wish of God.This is another example of the proof of Mohammad (p b u h).