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If you are searching God and you certainly see that there are some miracles about God then how you will feel? I think you will become more excited that YES! Now I can say that there is God who is showing his signs at earth. I am here to show you the miracles that were found in the last few years. Here are some links that will lead you through all the sites where you will see the collections of these miracles of Allah. The word Allah is the famous name of God if you have at least a poor knowledge of Arabic language or Urdu language then you will be able to understand these miracles of Allah easily.




Fig 1

Allah the famous name of God originally written in Arabic language


Challenge to non Muslims, Do you have any sign of your God in this universe? If you have any then show me otherwise think on these pictures '' Are you at the right path?'' 

So the figure 1st is the name of God which is written in Arabic language. Hope you will find all information benificial for your faith.( also see last pic in this page its about God in English wording ) 



The above figure 1 shows the name of Allah (God) that is written in Arabic language this is the most famous name of God  you can see all other pictures below this picture all have same resemblance. This is the most important picture keep it in your mind that this picture will always knock at your heart at your brain when you will see trees ,flood, ocean, especially your right hand I will request you all of them who do not have believe in God, Mohammad & Islam that please appreciate my work instead of rejecting it. Because I have these clues with all relative information in this site like when they are collected, where they were found etc. Many pictures are scientifically proved that they were present at the time of event takes place. You can find pictures taken by satellite these are many in number. If you feel any doubt then there is another possibility that you can take a tour of the site given below to justify my work.

This will give you the proof that God exist who is watching you at every moment of your life


Fig 2

Tsunami shows name of Allah written by waves

The above figure 2 is the recent case which is well known to every one that last year there was Tsunami came in Asia it was a great disaster of the world this picture is also taken by satellite you can see another picture which is also on the Tsunami event this shows you the clear picture of that event in Asia.

Fig 3

Our Right hand shows Allah

Every man and women have right hand even animals also have right hand now see if you have clearly seen the above figure 1 that there is a 1st line which is similar to 1 in mathematics but in Arabic it is known as Aleph the point to be noted here is that the small finger in your hand represent that 1 or Aleph, the next finger leading you towards the two couples of fingers that are also showing you the formation of LILAH. this as a whole showing you that your fingers are also showing Allah

Fig 4

Allah written on a piece of water melon

This figure is collected from Pakistan when water melon was cut then there was also found name of God Allah.


Fig 5

Allah written on bean

In fig 5 A bean also showing the name of Allah written on it.

Allah's name appears on the Oceans - picture from Apollo 11 Shuttle

you can search about this picture and also download its video by clicking on below link

Fig 6

Allah written on Ocean

Above Figure 6 shows that

Allah's name appears on the Oceans - picture from Apollo 11 Shuttle

Many people have complained that this picture was fake. We have received a video footage that proves the authenticity of this picture. The video can be downloaded from the website given above.

Fig 7

Allah's Name Clearly Visible Over Africa

Date: Verified in June 3, 2003.

Amazing discovery by Keyhan Mohmand from Almere Stad, Holland. We have verified this image with several other images of Africa from NASA website and all of them (without cloud covers) show the name of Allah clearly. SubhanAllah!

We are trying to show you the image by marking on the required place. This is also a great approach towards Allah.

The following websites also verifies the above pictures:

(not a great angle but you can still point out the lines) Top of Form


Fig 7

Allah written by clouds

you can clearly see the name of Allah written by clouds, This is also by the God no person on the earth can do like this.


           Fig 8


Allah's Name Found on Whistler Mountains in British Columbia, Canada

Date: August 17, 2003  Photo Credits: Noor, Rifat, Tanveer, Ihsan and Taslim.

Description: A group of young Muslims from Toronto went to British Columbia in a Dawah trip. Before returning to Toronto, they visited the Whistler mountains which are over 6,000 feet high. From the top, they discovered the name of Allah visible over another mountain. They quickly bought an one time use camera from the gift shop and took these wonderful pictures.

Picture 1

Picture 2

Now see above figure i have an other clue & i claim that God can write his name in english also as some brothers & sisters have queastion in their mind that God does not shown his name in English now i am going to show u this question's answer that u need to compare all above figures are mostly the above two figures.

This will show you that God can be written in English also here in above figure as below